Stephen Bowden Running for City Council in District 10

I am a husband to my beautiful wife June, dog dad to Zane (a very good boy), and an attorney who fights for those in our community with the fewest resources. I am a proud graduate of Old Dominion University and the University of South Carolina School of Law. I have spent my legal career defending my clients’ constitutional rights as a public defender and seeking repayment for people who were harmed by irresponsible developers. My wife, June works as a special education teacher at Drayton Hall Elementary. To us, service isn’t a talking point, it’s a core value.

West Ashley is facing unprecedented challenges from flooding and traffic. More than ever, we need a leader who will put service first and who will make the issues affecting District 10 their top priority.

I know and understand the anxiety you feel every time you hear about a new tropical storm in the Atlantic. I know the frustration of wasting hours in traffic every week, making it harder to just to get up and go to work everyday.

As your councilman, I will fight to beat back the flood that threatens us. I will vote against disastrous projects that threaten our natural flood protections, such as the Middleborough Condominiums. I will work to extend Glenn McConnell to provide crucial relief from gridlock. I guarantee to balance the budget and collect the trash without causing drama or playing politics.

I am running for city council so that when my wife and I have children, they can grow up in the most resilient coastal community in the world. A community that prides itself on its bridges, not its barriers. A community that is defined as much by its future as it is by its past.